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Great for winter

I use it every day in the cold months

An ideal base for makeup

My skin looks natural with makeup and serum

Why did we choose hemp oil and CBD?

The choice of these two ingredients to be included in each of our products is dictated by the fact that much of the in-depth research shows that the individual qualities of hemp and CBD (cannabidiol) complement each other, and we can it is said that the synergy between them is "surprisingly effective". This makes them interconnected and suitable for use on almost all skin types. It is no coincidence that they are practically derived from the same plant.

More information on why we use them

Hemp oil

Hemp oil moisturizes without clogging your pores. Regulation of skin oil production. Helps balance oily skin by moisturizing it. Reduces inflammation. Deeply hydrate dry skin. Contains anti-aging properties.


The best antioxidant. Reduces inflammation. Regulates oil production. Neutralizes free radical damage. It works successfully against wrinkles. Soothes the skin. Penetrates deep into the skin. Stimulates controlled sebum production.

CBD oil

This is the product derived from the connection between hemp and CBD, and carries with it all the individual qualities we have listed for the individual ingredients, even gets antibacterial properties on your skin and feels fresh and protected.